You guys can probably see that quite a bit changed while I was making this.  I was originally going for a organic/bioluminescence style but ended up with a more crystalline look.  I’ve really been into crystals lately.

I also nixed her wings.  Too crowded.

Oh, look. I forgot her gloves…. @_@ *twitch*

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All done!! (◕ヮ◕)*:・゚ 

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Queen of the Space Owls // Lauren Sidell // Sketch

Taking a short break from the wood paintings to draw a space owl.  

Spaaaaaaaace Ooooooowllll!!!

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Fairy Duchess Penelope // Progress

Nope.  Didn’t forget about this. Just being scatterbrained :P

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Finally got around to making a Behance account! I haven’t finished putting up my portfolio yet (so indecisive…) but if you want you can find me here

Anyone here have an account? I need people to follow!

Speaking of following, who here has an art tumblr? I generally try to follow any artists who follow me but sometimes I miss a few.  I always love supporting and making new art friends!  Let me know and I’ll follow you back! 

My main account is sweetnouveau so if I’m following you, that’s the name that will pop up.

Also, I just got a few commissions for some more wood paintings.  So you can expect to see a more of those up here soon.  

Terra // Lauren Sidell // Watercolor & Digital // 2014

More mixed media fun!  Also trying out some new photoshop brushes.

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Rose Red // Digital // 2014

Uff da!  Finally done!!! (>ω<)ノ

Now available in my shop! 

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Holly Twigs // Lauren Sidell // Watercolor & Digital // 2014

Summer’s here and I’m busting out the watercolors!  Also apparently thinking about winter.  Why aren’t cloaks still a thing?  I live in Minnesota. We really need to bring cloaks back into style.

Anyhow,  I’ve been making a lot of progress with my digital skills these past few months and want to try and bring a little more mixed media into things.

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Summer’s here and it’s time to bust out the watercolors!

Warming up with some practice swatches (◕ヮ◕)*:・゚ 

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Briar Stag & Miss Lotte // Lauren Sidell // Screenprint

Now available in my shop: http://sweetnouveau.storenvy.com/

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